Does anyone have experience with sending their toddler to a daycare centre with a cast?

DD (almost 3) fractured her wrist yesterday and has to wear a fibreglass cast for at least 3 weeks. She only attends daycare Thurs and Fri but when I called the supervisor to speak with her about the logistics of DD returning tomorrow, she seemed flustered and concerned that they wouldn’t be able to ensure her “safety”. The doctors at the hospital/fracture clinic really only stressed the importance of keeping the cast dry, and said otherwise we should let our DD resume most normal activities when she was ready. They didn’t see any issues with her going to daycare. Obviously she will need some extra assistance, time, and care with some tasks, but I didn’t think it would be such a big deal and/or safety concern.

The supervisor asked me to email her with important dos/don’ts, which I don’t mind doing, although I feel like it’s mostly just common sense. Am I missing something/being naive?

We’ve decided to keep her home tomorrow just to give her more time to adjust to her cast, and will then have a week to iron out logistics with things like dressing for outdoor play, keeping hands clean, etc. Are there any specific scenarios I should address in my “instructions” for the daycare for her return next week?