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Disney World Planning Thread 2018

  1. buttermilk

    nectarine / 2018 posts

    @SteelerGirl: it was still hot and humid. Dresses and shorts for sure! And yes you’ll def be able to swim.

  2. 808love

    pomelo / 5681 posts

    @SteelerGirl: We went in Oct. Shorts yes, swimming no. Although there were people swimming.

  3. Hypatia

    cherry / 196 posts

    Kingdom Strollers rents a City Mini GT Double that holds 50 lbs each side with heights up to 48”. I think that might be big enough! We won’t know for sure until the time draws nearer.

    I considered a push wagon, but technically they aren’t allowed at WDW. Lots of people bring them anyway, but I wouldn’t want to chance it.

    I just realized that we could get free dining if we book a five night stay at an eligible resort (if we are able to snag it once the promo goes live). So the plan is a five night stay in December 2019 at Pop Century (near the new skyline gondolas!). I’m going to book our room as soon as I’m able (I think this September by phone is the earliest they allow). Then sign up for an email notification from one of the third party sites when free dining goes live (it opened April 24 at 5 am this year, so sometime around then throw spring).

    I will say that I kind of hate that this is the way disney does things now. Having to get up at 5 am to book dining reservations, fast pass, and the free dining promo just seems like a lot of extra stress that didn’t exist when our parents booked disney.

  4. 808love

    pomelo / 5681 posts

    @Hypatia: We went with Kingdom Strollers two years and they were great. Also Pop Century was a wonderful value hotel. Can’t believe the gondolas will be up so soon. How fun!!. I never went to DW as a kid so to me, this is just all in a day’s work. I also want to go back here in a few more years!!

  5. erinbaderin

    grapefruit / 4228 posts

    @Hypatia: Orlando for Families (https://www.orlandoforfamilies.com/stroller-rentals.html) rents Keenz wagons, which are apparently the only kind officially allowed in the park.

  6. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4496 posts

    Some decent deals to be had at Disney.com today using the code "disneypals"...

    I snagged some super cute special Disney World pjs and some other things...


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