What are your rules regarding Facebook and your LO? I'm tempted to ask that no one post pictures of LO but I know that'll be met with a lot of resistance. My SIL asked this and everyone in the family mocks her and ignores this request, which frustrates me.

I'm also cringing at the idea of people posing videos or information about my LO, such as birth stats, milestones, etc. I feel as though it's my right, as the parent, to disclose that information or to keep that information private.

I bring this up because there was an incident of MIL posting an ultrasound picture on Facebook without asking and while I hadn't specified that it wasn't something I wanted on Facebook, I hadn't posted it... Because I didn't want it on Facebook. Ultrasound pictures are definitely something I feel is the "right" of the parent to choose whether to share or keep private.

Just curious what others' rules are and how you communicated to your families. I think Facebook can be a great way to keep in touch, especially considering my in-laws live across the country, but I also want to protect my LO and be the one to make decisions regarding what photos and information are shared. I feel very strongly that once it's posted on Facebook, it's out there for the world to see, regardless of your privacy settings. Even with the strictest privacy settings, friends can easily right-click and save your photo and repost it as their own...