My MIL recently made the remark that we wouldn't even need to send out birth announcements because we can just post one for our new LO via Facebook.

This made me start thinking...I don't know how comfortable I am with Facebook. I have 500-ish Facebook friends, DH has about 1300 due to his job, my sister has 500-ish, my mom has about 300, my MIL has the same. To take the cake, my dad has thousands due to playing stupid FB games like Mafia Wars. If all these family members tag themselves in my baby's pics, or post pics of my baby, that's thousands upon thousands of people. I just feel icky about it.

Do you put any restrictions on social media and pics of your kids? Do I just need to lighten up? I used to work in a field dealing with child advocacy for children who had been exploited/molested/assaulted, so I realize I may be extra sensitive. I'm just wondering if I'm not the only one. What was your solution? I'm thinking of using a password-only blog or photo sharing service for out of town relatives. Any other ideas?