Just looking for some reassurance! We are attending my best friends wedding this weekend and she has invited our 19 month old daughter. It really meant a lot to me for her to include her but I’m starting to panic...
My sweet girl is in the throws of typical toddler tantrums. They are very short lived and usually easily directed but this week I feel like they have been VERY frequent. It’s usually some loud screeching, sometimes she will stomp her feet or try to “smack” at me or a toy. Please believe me when I say we are staying on top of this as best as we can and offer positive reinforcement and alternative options ( saying things that validate her feelings but letting her know that we don’t hit with our hands, we hug with them...etc, etc, ect)
I’m in the wedding and my husband will do whatever he can during the short ceremony but what about afterwards?? She does get a bit over stimulated in big crowds or if people over step her personal space too much and we will definitely keep her feelings in mind but I get easily “embarrassed” if she’s not on her best behavior. I know it’s not practical for her to be perfect but I feel judged—whether I am or not.
I know how to handle the tantrums for the most part so I guess I’m just looking for some “hand holding” for myself to stay calm and realistic with my expectations. Thanks ladies!!