Help! DH has always liked cookies but I think his sugar habit is really out of control and I'm starting to worry. For example, at this time of year he gets holiday gifts from vendors that are often in the form of baked goods. Last week he got a tin of two dozen huge cookies, and a few days ago I realized that he ate twenty of them in the span of a couple days. And in that time he also ate most of a batch of brownies (at least 4 in one night). Last night he brought home another basket of extremely sweet cookies and cakes, and I worry to the point that I told him to throw it out.

People think this is "cute" because he's thin and a runner, but personally I find it disgusting. Honestly I'm pretty concerned that he's going to eat his way to diabetes! I guess I don't understand the compulsion because I hate sweets and one bite of a cookie is more than enough for a month.

What can I do to make him stop? He says he knows it's bad, but I feel like women (his mom, people at the cookie store near his office, the *#@& coworkers who are having a dessert contest at their holiday party) have reinforced the idea that a boy who likes sweets is too adorable to stop and I have to be the mean person who says no.