We live on the second (top) floor of a shared complex. About a month ago, a quiet, nice family moved out, and we got new tenants downstairs - two college-aged girls. When they are home, they smoke like chimneys. Unfortunately, our deck is right on top of theirs, and the smell of their smoke filters in to our apartment.

Our large, sliding glass door is the only window in the living room, and we're right in the middle of summer - while closing the window is always an option, it soon becomes unbearably hot inside, and we are still able to smell their cigarettes.

I'm quite sensitive to the scent, and really don't want our daughter, who is due any day now, to be exposed to the constant fumes. In our county, it is legal to smoke on decks, balconies, and parking lots. However, I was hoping to either talk with the girls, or draft a letter, asking them to please smoke in the parking lot, as we are constantly burdened with the smell of their frequent cigarette breaks.

Is there a nice way to word something like this, that would produce favorable results? Not sure I want to go directly to management right away, but it's definitely effecting our "quality of life", which we are entitled to, via our lease.