I miscarried five months ago, but I am still so emotional About the miscarriage. I teach kindergarten and I am surrounded by pregnant parents, I am surrounded by friends with babies or pregnancy announcements. Everywhere I go everything I do I feel like I cannot get away from
Babies and it causes me so much pain. Since the mc my cycles still are so whacky and long and I can tell something with my body just isn't right. Is this hormones... Or can I just not let go of my loss? I don't want to forget, that baby was mine, important and mattered tenuously but I don't want to break down and cry everyday... Is this normal? Also we have been Ttc since the mc which has caused a ton of stress that I can say isn't helping the situation. Seeing a bfn is completely heartbreaking it affects me way more than I ever imagined. Did anyone else go through this??