Hello Bees,

I am posting a little hesitatingly because I know I'm being kinda silly and maybe even a tad selfish but.... I am 11 weeks pregnant and while walking around Target this morning saw a really cute mother's day card for the "mother to be" and I got a little sad and umm hormonal possible mid-aisle because my husband didn't think to get me a card or say something. Usually on Valentine's day and my birthday he surprises me with pastries and coffee for breakfast but today was just business as usual for him. Actually worse than business than usual because he's been upset since Thursday when we withdrew an offer on a house he really wanted us to buy. He's barely said two words to me since then.

Clearly there are other issues tied in here but the bottom line is we couldn't afford it, we're not in a place to get a loan right now unfortunately, he wanted me to ask my parents for help, I did, they said no because the house is in bad need of repair and they didn't think it was a good investment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but since we would have needed quite the loan from my parents I respect their decision to say no since it would have been their money. Of course, hubby thinks I didnt try hard enough and is really upset and disappointed that we won;t have a new house for baby. We do have a lot of money in savings and are really not in bad shape but due to other crazy factors just can't get a loan right now. (just putting that out there before ppl think we're irresponsible

Still, putting that aside, this is our first pregnancy and I am so excited and really wish he would show more enthusiasm. I know he's worried about finances and where to live etc but I feel he has just disengaged. Whether that is to protect his ego I don;t really care right now. Also, neither of my parents mentioned anything this morning when I spoke to them. All my mom was focused on was what I should bring her from target and when I would get to the house because she needs a lot of help with cleaning and some daily living things. She just broke her leg which is awful but come on! Am I nuts? Is maybe your pregnant daughter not the first person to ask for help on Mothers Day? I was planning on going over there anyway and wanted to prepare brunch but now am dreading a day of cleaning for her.

I know I'm being somewhat selfish and would like to say it's just hormones but there's probably a little bit of "cray" in there too. I feel like I try really hard to do things that are special for others (believe it or not despite my crabbiness about going over and cleaning) and wish that others would do more of the same for me.

Be gentle bees! Anyone get where I am coming from? Anyone experience similar disappointment? I get it that I'm not really a mom yet but is it nuts to want a little acknowledgement?