Does anyone ever feel like they're being pushed out of their friend circle because of their pregnancy?

I'm totally feeling this way right now. I can't tell if its hormones or not. I'm usually pretty chill and level headed about friends and drama and stuff but lately I just can't seem to shake the feeling like my friends don't really want me around anymore.

My very oldest friend, of 26 years, just moved back to my city. I just read on Facebook that her and one of my other friends (who've only met maybe a handful of times) got together for burgers and beers the other night. This other friend lives about 5 minutes from me and could have easily picked me up to go along.

I tried asking my long term friend if she wanted to get together on Sunday to check her new place out and she said she would like that but she might not be in the city and then I never heard back from her. She didn't even try to make the plan work and when I asked for details she just didn't respond.

On top of that, this same friend (not the 26 year friend) and I used to chat every day, and all of a sudden about 2 weeks ago she just stopped talking to me. I have to text her to get any sort of response when before we use to just text each other randomly throughout the day.

Am I being hormonal and irrational? This feeling has been nagging at me for days and its becoming depressing.