So on Thursday my SO and i had sex, and he pulled out but really thinks he could have cam a little inside me the next day i started to feel cramps. Saturday rolled around and my back started to hurt. Sunday my lower back was killing me where i couldn't sit on my butt and still hurts to do so. i had to be on my side, and i still had the cramping feeling. Monday it was horrible. I went to the Drs and they did a urine sample to test for pregnancy (which i new wouldn't show any ways) and for a UTI. both of those results came back negative. They drew my blood as well and said they couldn't see anything from that and it didn't show i was pregnant either. I know it has only been 5 days but it seems my back pain isnt getting any better nor are my cramps. i also get head aces off an on through out the day, and it feels like i always have to pee, like my bladder is never empty. I dont know what is wrong with me. When i was pregnant with my last 2 i knew i was pregnant very early on i just had that feeling, this time i dont have that feeling but curious what you think. Could i be pregnant or is my body just being stupid for some reason. Also it doesn't hurt to pee at all. no funny smell either. Only discharge i have is clear but not sticky just clear and wet. and after i go pee the back pain is a lot worse. and cramps are more noticeable. I woke up at 3:30 in the morning and peeped and then at 6:00 i peed again. and then at 7:50 this morning once again. Since 7:50 i have peed 5 other times and its only 1:30 now. when i pee it isnt a lot but i do get pee out. what is going on with my body???