Hello, this is my first time here.

My name is Autumn, I am 34. I had to quit my job that i had for twelve years due to insensitivity from the newly transfered manager. I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression by my doctor and immediately informed the manager of the diagnosis. To my surprise she treated it as if the condition doesn't exist and continued to push my mental state to the limit. April eighth was the day i was pushed overboard, resulting in my resignation.

I am now six months pregnant. I am happy and scared at the same time. This is my first baby. I live with my fiance who's the daddy to be. Often times though i wonder if i did the right thing. I feel worthless and lazy. My depression and anxiety will not let go of me. I try to stay calm for my sake and more importantly the babies. It just seems like its getting too much to bare, i just don't know what to do. Finding work has been fruitless. My fiance though tells me not to worry about work just the baby. I love him so much, but i still feel terrible for not working.