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IVF Thread #2

So much is going on right now, so many BFPs!!!

This is meant to be a continuation of the previous IVF Thread (which was getting awfully long), a place for us to meet up at every stage of the process-- from initial consults to starting meds to retrievals/transfers to betas and everywhere in-between-- to celebrate each others' successes and support each other through the uncertainties and difficult times.

Sending hugs, , and baby dust!!!

  1. mrswin

    nectarine / 2359 posts

    @FliegepilzHut: Thanks for starting the new thread! I know how much I appreciate having this space while going through the IVF process

  2. FliegepilzHut

    pomegranate / 3533 posts

    @mrswin: I do, too! Thinking of you and sending lots of good vibes your way!

  3. Jenn23

    persimmon / 1085 posts

    Copying this from the other IVF thread. Just saw this new one here!!

    @lazypanda: I'm so sorry you have to go the IVF route next, but so many of us can vouch that it works great and is totally worth it in the end!!! As for your question, I can't answer that one, since I didn't have a choice. IVF or nothing for me! Good luck too you.

    Forgot to post a pic of my embies earlier! #7 is our best one. #5 is the 2nd best and it is compacting. Anybody know exactly what that means?

  4. Jenn23

    persimmon / 1085 posts

    @FliegepilzHut: Thinking of you daily and hoping you are doing OK.

  5. Mrs.Pinecone316

    persimmon / 1316 posts

    @mrswin: So did you decide how you are telling DH?@FliegepilzHut: Thanks for starting the new thread!
    @Jenn23: Yay! Congrats on being PUPO! Don't think too much into the grade, they look perfect to me What day to you think you will start testing?
    @macintosh- so sorry to hear about your husbands fall/broken arm. Hoping it heals as quickly as possible. Excited you are on stims, it goes by so fast! Yeah I hated menopur, glad icing works for you. It never seemed to help me so I just toughed it out.
    @panda- Welcome! We knew going into TTC we could have a hard time with my severe endo. Then ended up having some mild MFI too. IUI has such a lot success rate with endo so we decided to just slip that all together and go right to IVF. We could have done it as early as 6 months into TTC but it took us a long time to feel ready to take the big leap of faith with IVF, so 22 months later I just got my BFP!

    Thanks to everyone for the well wishes! I will post my BFP pic too.

  6. FliegepilzHut

    pomegranate / 3533 posts

    @Jenn23: Thank you! It's getting better day by day.

  7. FliegepilzHut

    pomegranate / 3533 posts

    @Mrs.Pinecone316: Welcome!

  8. Mrs.Pinecone316

    persimmon / 1316 posts

    This is right at 5 minutes. It is crazy how much darker it gets after sitting. Both lines are the same color now when I look at it.

  9. lazypanda

    kiwi / 636 posts

    @Mrs.Pinecone316: that's a beautiful FRER! Congrats again & thanks for the info!

    @Jenn23: so interesting to see what your envies look like & to know that one of them will be your future LO. Do they know which is boy/girl at this time?

    @mrswin: I'm excited to see your betas!

    @FliegepilzHut: maybe you & I will be IVF buddies? My RE had me schedule this earlier consult in case we immediately start the process in September as AF should arrive at the end of the month if it goes like it did this past unmedicated cycle.

  10. FliegepilzHut

    pomegranate / 3533 posts

    @Mrs.Pinecone316: @mrswin: Good-looking lines, ladies!

    @lazypanda: I will probably get to do a FET (frozen embryo transfer) in late October or so...but I'll be cheering for you from the sidelines! I think a couple of the other regulars from the IF Check-In Thread were just getting started, though, and might sync up with you.

  11. momazon

    kiwi / 612 posts

    @Jenn23: I think the compacting means it is on the way to becoming a morula?


  12. momazon

    kiwi / 612 posts

    @Mrs.Pinecone316 and @mrswin: Lovely lines!!! Now I know there's no way I'm waiting till Friday to test-- your success has gotten me too impatient! I have FRER arriving tomorrow from Amazon, so I guess I'll hold out till Weds morning!

  13. FliegepilzHut

    pomegranate / 3533 posts

    @momazon: Sounds like a good plan! FX for more good news!

  14. Mrs.Pinecone316

    persimmon / 1316 posts

    @momazon: woohoo so excited for wednesday!

  15. LovelyPlum

    eggplant / 11408 posts

    @Jenn23: yay for embies!! Grow, babies, grow!

  16. LovelyPlum

    eggplant / 11408 posts

    @Mrs.Pinecone316: congratulations!

  17. Mrs.Pinecone316

    persimmon / 1316 posts

    @LovelyPlum: Thanks!

    Well, my OHSS is def back and celebrating me being pregnant... I am so bloated I could be 6 months pregnant. It is so uncomfortable. Its 4 am here and I can't sleep because I can't find any comfortable position to sleep in. I knew this was possible if I got my bfp, and its a small price to pay for finally getting what we always dreamed of just worried because as it is there is no way I can work feeling like this with my job. Everything I read online the time people are out of work varies so much. I just didn't want to blow through my sick time so fast this early one.

  18. Jenn23

    persimmon / 1085 posts

    @Mrs.Pinecone316: I'm so sorry you aren't feeling good. Anything else you can do to help the bloating? Or just the same things you've been doing? I hope it goes away soon!! Not sure when I'll start testing. I did early on with my last cycle and luckily it worked out. But not sure I will do it again. That was 5dp5dt last time and I did get a positive. This time I'll try to wait at least one more day if I can hold out which will be a week from today. I am going to get tests today and start testing out the trigger.

    @lazypanda: That's funny you ask that, because somebody else just asked me the same thing yesterday about whether you can tell if they are boys/girls and I don't know! Maybe somebody else here knows. I'm glad you are starting soon!!

    @momazon: Thanks. I just don't get how on only Day 3 it would be changing and not considered the best one if it was more advanced? I don't know. This whole thing is so fascinating and confusing to me at the same time! I'm so glad you are testing tomorrow. Yay!!!

    @LovelyPlum: Thanks!!

    I'm feeling so good today. My husband went back to work today after being home for the last week and a half to help out at home. Feels weird to be back to normal again, but great at the same time. I felt so yucky last week with the stims/bloating and now I feel so energetic. It's wonderful!! Still feeling hormonal with all the meds, though. I've had quite a few crying spells. I think I'm super sensitive to hormones!

  19. mrswin

    nectarine / 2359 posts

    @lazypanda: @Jenn23: My understanding is that the only way they know the gender is through PGD and even then my clinic will not disclose the results, they just advise which are "normal" and that is all

  20. mrswin

    nectarine / 2359 posts

    @Mrs.Pinecone316: I told my SO last night when I picked him up from the train. He got in the car and I handed him a bib from my University and told him it looks like we would be needing more! He was pretty excited And then we drove to my parents and had dinner without telling anyone! Sorry to hear about you OHSS symptoms. Have you called your RE? I know they explained that there is a medication that they can prescribe to treat it.

    @momazon: Yay for Wednesday!

    @Jenn23: FX that you get a next week!

  21. Sunshine1810

    pear / 1556 posts

    @Jenn23: They look beautiful to me! I second the compacting as becoming a morula. The compacting with the blurring lines is a really good thing. My embryos had those softer lines and my RE said that is usually a good indicator that they will result in a pregnancy. So glad you are feeling better!

    @Mrs.Pinecone316: @mrswin: Beautiful tests!!

    @Mrs.Pinecone316: So sorry to hear about the OHSS. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  22. Jenn23

    persimmon / 1085 posts

    @mrswin: Thanks! That must have been awesome telling your husband the great news!!! And that must have been hard not telling the family at dinner!

    @Sunshine1810: That's great to hear!! But that was our "2nd best" one and only 6 cells, so that's why I'm confused. Not sure how it could be behind and advanced at the same time? Well, hopefully it is a good one.

    Does anybody know what the cramps mean right after transfer? Had some yesterday and today and it is way too early to feel anything embryo-related, so just wondering what that could be? Not a big deal, but just curious if others had these and what they are.

  23. swedishfish

    GOLD / coconut / 8266 posts

    @Mrs.Pinecone316: oh no....I hope you're feeling better. Did you speak to your RE?

    @Jenn23: I think I had some cramping. I'm pretty sure the RE said it could be from the solution the embryos were in but I could be wrong.

  24. mrswin

    nectarine / 2359 posts

    @Jenn23: I found this website really helpful when I was trying to understand the grading. http://www.advancedfertility.com/embryoquality.htm

  25. Jenn23

    persimmon / 1085 posts

    @mrswin: Thanks! I've been on that site before (back in 2012 for our earlier IVF cycle). I get the fragmentation, cells, uniformity, etc. I just am not understanding the compacting part. Like how on Day 3 it could be doing that, yet be only 6 cells. I wonder if our embryologist didn't give us the correct grade? But I keep reading over the last hour on various sites that compacting is a good thing, so hopefully it sticks.

    @swedishfish: Interesting. Never heard of that before!

    Also forgot to say that my RE has changed their PIO instructions to every other day, with suppositories to be used daily. (used to be just PIO every day) Am I crazy for wanting to just do the PIO? I mean, I hate the shots, but hate the messiness of the suppositories more. So I may just stick with the PIO for now.

  26. swedishfish

    GOLD / coconut / 8266 posts

    @Jenn23: I'll be honest that I may have made the reasoning up. But she definitely did mention possible cramping after transfer. She's not my regular RE.

  27. swedishfish

    GOLD / coconut / 8266 posts

    @Jenn23: I would follow instructions until your beta. My progesterone was so low that I was put back on the PIO injections along with the inserts. I agree that they're no fun though.

  28. Jenn23

    persimmon / 1085 posts

    @swedishfish: I'm sorry, I didn't explain it properly. I can elect to simply stay on the PIO daily (what I did in 2012). They have since changed it to every other day to give "bums a break" as one of the nurses said last week. So they implemented this new way of doing it with the PIO alternating days, with suppositories daily. But she did say you can just do the PIO daily which was their old protocol for many, many years. I haven't picked up the Crinone yet, so I've been doing the PIO daily since Saturday night and am trying to decide what to do.

    Edit: Oh and my progesterone my last cycle was plenty high with the PIO. Plus I go in this Friday just for a hormone check. I'm sure if it is too low, they'll have me do both.

  29. swedishfish

    GOLD / coconut / 8266 posts

    @Jenn23: oh, then yeah, I'd do the PIO daily. But I did get upset toward the end when I'd be on the injections for weeks. It was just too much for me to be on for weeks but I could handle less than two weeks until beta!

    ETA - could you take Endometrin instead of Crinone? Crinone is extra gross.

  30. Sunshine1810

    pear / 1556 posts

    @Jenn23: I thought this part on the Advanced Fertility website was great:

    "Embryo quality as we see it under the microscope in the IVF lab gives us some reasonable ability to predict the chances for pregnancy after the embryo transfer procedure. However, because there are many other contributing factors involved that we can not see or measure, the generalizations about "quality" made from grading embryos are often inaccurate.

    We see some cycles fail after transferring 3 perfect looking embryos, and we also see beautiful babies born after transferring only one "low grade" embryo. The true genetic potential of the embryo to continue normal development is impossible to measure accurately with current technology. Hopefully, future advances will give us better insight.

    An important variable that is often overlooked is the embryo transfer technique. A smooth transfer with no trauma to the endometrial lining is essential to give the embryos the best chance for implantation and continuation of normal development.

    Ultimately, the true test of embryo quality is whether it implants and develops normally and eventually goes home from the hospital with mom and dad. In other words, embryo grading systems are imperfect, and we always need the pregnancy test, and the final pregnancy outcome, to tell us more about "embryo quality" than a microscope could ever reveal."

    Remember, I transferred two beautiful embryos that looked great and were 8 cells and still nothing...I have a friend who transferred two embryos that didn't look great to the embryologist, and she is pregnant with twins. I also had a friend who transferred two 4 cell embryos on day 3 and she has a beautiful baby girl now. It's not a perfect science. I have SO MUCH hope for you!

  31. momazon

    kiwi / 612 posts

    Bit of an up-and-down day here-- I tested and got a BFP yay but then started having some slight red spotting only a few hours later. I know it could be normal, it just changed the entire tone of the day from one of celebration and has let a bit of nervousness creep in. I'm at 7dp5dt today.

    @Mrs.Pinecone316: I hope you get some relief soon! You poor thing, that sounds miserable.

  32. FliegepilzHut

    pomegranate / 3533 posts

    @momazon: I hope it's implantation bleeding! FX for you!

    @Mrs.Pinecone316: I'm so sorry. I hope your RE has some good suggestions for you!

    @mrswin: Your beta must be coming up soon! Was your DH surprised...or was he expecting your announcement

    @Jenn23: I have high hopes for you!

  33. Mrs.Pinecone316

    persimmon / 1316 posts

    @Jenn23: Glad your feeling so much better! I remember being amazing how well I felt during all the stims, if I could I would trade it for bloating during stims and feeling well after transfer! I would probably prefer progesterone shots too, this endometrium 3x/day is not fun.

    @mrswin: I am going in tomorrow for the beta and will see what they think then. I already know what they are gonna say though.. my good friend just went through the same exact thing with the same exact doctor.

    @Sunshine1810: Thank you!

    @swedishfish: decided just to wait until tomorrow, I know there isn't anything else they would tell me besides stay hydrated and rest until tomorrow.

    @momazon: Oh my gosh congrats!! Try not to worry, lots of girls that do IVF have some amount of spotting. Did you call your RE?

    @FliegepilzHut: Thanks!

  34. mrswin

    nectarine / 2359 posts

    @momazon: FX that the spotting is related to implantation

    @FliegepilzHut: I had blood drawn for a beta today and should get a call tomorrow, second beta is scheduled for Thursday. Hoping for good numbers over the next couple of days. He was surprised because I didn't tell him I was going to test,but he was super happy of course How are you feeling doll?

    @Jenn23: I would do which ever feels right to you especially since PIO everyday can't hurt

    @Mrs.Pinecone316: I hope they are able to give you some guidance tomorrow, being uncomfortable/in pain sucks and isn't good for you

  35. FliegepilzHut

    pomegranate / 3533 posts

    @mrswin: I'm excited for you!

    Since you asked (and since I couldn't figure out where else to post this)-- emotionally, I'm doing better, but physically, I'm still in limbo... I had a follow-up yesterday that showed that, in spite of meds taken over the weekend, the empty sac is continuing to grow, probably planning a nice long stay. My OB (locally) is in the process of trying to contact my RE to discuss the best next steps (my request)...so I'm waiting for further advice/recommendations.

  36. Jenn23

    persimmon / 1085 posts

    @swedishfish: I'll check to see which one they called into my pharmacy last week. I assume it is Crinone since that is what I used the first time. But I'm going to try to avoid it as long as possible and just use the PIO.

    @Sunshine1810: Thanks, as always. I know that our embryos have a chance, it just makes me sad that they weren't excellent quality so that lowers our chances. Knowing this is it and we have no other shot if this doesn't work is what hurts the most. I'm dreading the call tomorrow that none made it to freeze. Even though I'm 99% sure we won't have any, it'll still hurt to hear somebody say that on the phone.

    @momazon: Congrats!! Isn't this around the time that there could be implantation bleeding? I bet that is what it is.

    @mrswin: Can't wait to hear your beta results tomorrow!!

    @FliegepilzHut: I'm so sorry you are going through this.

    @Mrs.Pinecone316: I feel so much better since all that fluid was drained. I could barely walk last week or bend or sleep. And the stims made me soooo sleepy that I was taking naps every day or else I couldn't stay awake. I have much more energy now. I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. What is it that you think your doctor will say? Just keep drinking fluids? What is the medicine that you could possibly take to help?

    Bought four cheapie tests at the dollar store today to test out the trigger. I'll do that starting tomorrow morning.

  37. macintosh

    pear / 1583 posts

    @Jenn23: those photos are beautiful! The stims are making me so sleepy too! I feel pregnant already, but not in a good way.

    @Mrs.Pinecone316: woo hoo, two lines! Sorry about your OHSS., hope you feel better.

    @mrswin: aw, what a sweet moment for you guys!

    @momazon: hooray for BFP! How are you feeling now? When is your beta?

    @FliegepilzHut: sorry you're still in limbo. Hope you get answers for your next step soon.

    AFM, I'm on day 4 of stims and of course I'm already bloated, headachy, and exhausted. I had a monitoring appt yesterday and they measured a few follies on each side. They said I'm progressing well. I'm wondering if I'll start Ganirelix tomorrow or Friday.

    DH does not need surgery on his broken arm, thank goodness! I was not very happy with our experience at the hospital's clinic though. Due to their poor communication, he ended up getting X-rays when he didn't need them

    They also told me that he could continue physical therapy (from the car accident) but when we showed up for pool therapy yesterday they wouldn't treat him. I was so frustrated and hormonal that I cried right there in the pool room. I am so busy and I HATE wasting my time driving downtown.

    It's kind of driving me crazy that I don't know what day the ER is going to be, but I'm trying to go with the flow. Feeling blah right now, not excited yet.

  38. mrswin

    nectarine / 2359 posts

    @FliegepilzHut: I'm sorry that you continue to have such a tough time, it's not fair. Was your OB able to figure out with the RE what the next steps should be? Are you considering a D&C?

    @Jenn23: I have all my finger and toes crossed that you get a surprise tomorrow and that you have frosties.

    @macintosh: I'm sorry that the doctors weren't clear about your DH's physical therapy and that it is adding to your burden. Once they start you on the Ganirelix hopefully they can estimate your ER date....that's what happened for me. Make sure you are drinking lots of fluids because the bloating got worse for me after ER before it got better and being hydrated will help.

  39. mrswin

    nectarine / 2359 posts

    I finally got my beta results! 81 at 14dpo Getting another draw done tomorrow.

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