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  1. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3070 posts

    @starlitsky: the hospital paid for the draw, as they should have... I wasn’t paying $500 for their mistake!

  2. rousseae

    coffee bean / 33 posts

    @QBbride: thank goodness for that! I hope your results come quickly!

  3. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3070 posts

    NIPT results are in! Extremely low risk for everything and it’s a GIRL!
    I was right!!!!

  4. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3070 posts

    July 2019 Mamas
    7/2: starlitsky (#2)
    7/2: ladydi (#3)
    7/3: qbbride (#3)
    7/11: daisyfay (#2)
    7/14: jess93 (#1)
    7/18: megpie (#1)
    7/26: rousseae (#2&#3!)
    7/29: knh1497 (#1)
    8/4: cyoung (#3)
    always in our hearts

    Where are all the boys?!

  5. LadyDi

    apricot / 456 posts

    @QBbride: congratulations! Glad you finally got results! I’m sure I’m having a boy. I have two already, I keep having dreams that it’s a boy. So far this pregnancy has been exactly like the other two. If it’s a girl I’ll be shocked.

  6. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3070 posts

    @LadyDi: I forget, are you finding out?
    That was like me, if they told me I was having s boy I’d have been totally floored. I felt like I knew with 100% certainty that it was a girl!

  7. LadyDi

    apricot / 456 posts

    @QBbride: yes, February 15th! We’ll do a little gender reveal for our parents that night and all find out at the same time. I can’t wait!

  8. starlitsky

    clementine / 751 posts

    @QBbride: YAY! I was wondering if you had gotten your results yet! Congrats!! You were right!!!

    And wow so many girls so far!

    @LadyDi: can’t wait for you to find out! Are you hoping for a particular sex?

  9. LadyDi

    apricot / 456 posts

    @starlitsky: I don’t have a strong preference but if I’m being honest with myself I’ll probably be a little disappointed if this isn’t a girl. Only bc I know this is our last and it’s a little sad knowing that I’ll never experience or raise a girl. That being said I do truly love being a boy mom and we already have a lot of boy clothes, typical boy toys, etc. so I won’t be too broken up if it’s a 3rd boy.

  10. starlitsky

    clementine / 751 posts

    @LadyDi: I totally understand! I would been happy with another boy too since I already know how to be a boy mom and have all the clothes and stuff, but I would also have been disappointed not in having another boy but knowing I would never have a daughter since we are definitely done after this one! Can't wait for you to find out next month!!

  11. LadyDi

    apricot / 456 posts

    Has anyone felt kicking yet? I haven’t yet and I felt it so early with my last pregnancy. Ovia told me I could feel it as early as this week so
    I’m starting to get anxious to feel some movement!

  12. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3070 posts

    @LadyDi: no I don’t think so! My midwife told me 14-16 weeks for movement and the odd time I *think* I feel something but I don’t think it’s actual flutters/kicks. At my midwife appointment baby was ninja kicking the Doppler and I couldn’t feel any of it.

    I’m sure I have an anterior placenta this time, I did with my first and didn’t feel proper movement until 19 weeks. With my second, my placenta wasn’t anterior, and I could feel her moving everyday from 10+4. It was CRAZY! And she hasn’t stopped moving since. Hahaha.


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