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  1. rousseae

    coffee bean / 41 posts

    @QBbride: that's awesome news!

  2. DillonLion

    GOLD / eggplant / 11517 posts

    Hello! Popping in from the August boards, as I'm being induced at the end of July most likely. This is my second baby (a boy) and I have a 6 year old daughter already.

  3. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3192 posts

    I guess I should update here!

    Baby girl made her appearance on June 16 at 37+4! Still can’t believe she was born a couple weeks early, I was not expecting it! We’ve had some feeding issues but I think they’re getting better. I’m soaking up all the newborn cuddles I can get, she has barely been put down since she’s been born!

    @DillonLion: welcome!! I haven’t been following the other boards, why are you being induced early? It will be so sweet to see your 6yo with her baby brother. My son just turned 6 and he is OBSESSED with his baby sister! It’s adorable.

  4. starlitsky

    clementine / 795 posts

    @DillonLion: hi! There hasn’t been much activity here but welcome!!

    My due date is 7/2. I am just waiting for baby to come any day now!

  5. DillonLion

    GOLD / eggplant / 11517 posts

    @QBbride: congrats!!!

    I'm being induced for high blood pressure at 37 weeks. Did your labor/delivery have any complications besides feeding?

    I had preeclampsia last time as well as a hemmorage so we are trying to avoid that. He's measuring enormous so that's good, at least, ha.

    @starlitsky: Oh man, you must be ready!!!! How are you feeling?

  6. starlitsky

    clementine / 795 posts

    @DillonLion: how high has your blood pressure been? Mine was good up until a couple of weeks ago when they started creeping up into the 130s/70s-80. They don’t seem concerned at this point since I don’t have any other concerning symptoms (and hopefully won’t develop any over the next week). When were you diagnosed with pre-e last time?

    I’m feeling really tired! Slowly trying to get things done, but key word is slowly lol. If baby isn’t here by my due date, I will be induced on 7/3 (due to GD and AMA).

  7. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3192 posts

    @starlitsky: how did I miss that you had GD? Or maybe I just forgot!!

    @DillonLion: no complications in L&D. My water broke and I hadn’t had any contractions 12 hours later, so they recommended induction I was super bummed because I was induced with my first and not induced with my second and I had a way better L&D with my second. But it is what it is!! We only spent about 5 hours at the hospital after she was born then we went home to sleep in our own bed!!

  8. DillonLion

    GOLD / eggplant / 11517 posts

    @starlitsky: it fluctuates like crazy. It is typically normal (under 120/80) when I take it at home (which I have to do 2x a day). But it frequently spikes at the doctor. 130s-160 on the top number and won't come down with re checks when they come back and take it again every 15 mins. That has happened twice. Each time they send me home to do the 24 hr urine catch (pee into a jug for a day) so they can check to see if I'm showing other symptoms of pre-e (like too much protein in my urine). Plus a ton of extra blood work, sonogram weekly, and non-stress tests weekly. All have come back normal so far.

    Pre-e didn't officially happen until the very, very end of my last pregnancy. I was induced 5 days after my due date. But everything was slowly creeping to that point the whole second half of the pregnancy. I guess the recommendations have changed since I had my daughter and (at least at my new practice) they aren't going to even mess with letting me go to my due date (Aug 14) because of the risks to me/baby.

    @QBbride: So how was the 3rd compared to the first two? Still feel like no induction was better?

  9. LadyDi

    persimmon / 1322 posts

    @DillonLion: Just wanted to say welcome! I am set to have my 3rd boy tomorrow via c section! I also have a newly minted 4 year old and an almost 17 month old. And I am ready to get this show on the road. I hope the next few weeks go by quickly for you. I am sure you're over all of the BP tests, blood draws, etc.

  10. DillonLion

    GOLD / eggplant / 11517 posts

    @LadyDi: early congrats! How exciting

  11. starlitsky

    clementine / 795 posts

    @QBbride: hmm I probably mentioned it here but a while ago since I got diagnosed back in Dec!

    @DillonLion: that’s a lot for you to go through! That’s good all the tests have come back normal so far and it sounds like they just want what’s safe for you and baby. How did your induction go last time?

    @LadyDi: so exciting!! Can’t believe baby will be here tomorrow!

  12. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3192 posts

    @starlitsky: has it been hard sticking to the GD diet? Are you on insulin too or just diet controlled? I’m sure you mentioned it and I forgot!

    @LadyDi: yay you made it to your c/s date!!! Can’t believe he’ll be here TOMORROW!

  13. DillonLion

    GOLD / eggplant / 11517 posts

    @starlitsky: relatively smooth/quick since I was already nearly a week overdue. I did have a hemmorage afterward, though. But didnt need a transfusion or anything.

  14. starlitsky

    clementine / 795 posts

    @QBbride: it’s been hard but I’m used to it since I’ve been on it so long! I had GD with my first too so I was expecting to get it again. I’m on insulin at night to help with my fasting numbers. Did you have GD with any of your pregnancies?

    @DillonLion: hemorrhage sounds scary but glad it all turned out okay! I’m hoping that if I need to get induced this time around, it’ll go smoothly! With my first my cervix wasn’t favorable so it took a while.

    @LadyDi: thinking of you today!!

  15. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3192 posts

    @starlitsky: no I didn’t have GD with my first two, with #3 I declined the test. Glad it hasn’t been too difficult! I guess really it’s a good way to be eating anyway.

    @LadyDi: can’t wait to hear of your little one’s arrival!!

  16. DillonLion

    GOLD / eggplant / 11517 posts

    Doc report: prognosis still the same. BP high, induction at 37 weeks (July 24). Depending on his size they may recommend a scheduled c-section. They are going to have a pretty good answer on dates and whatnot at my appt next Wednesday.

  17. starlitsky

    clementine / 795 posts

    @DillonLion: how high was your bp? Let us know how your appt goes on Wednesday!

    I lost my mucus plug this morning but I know that isn’t always a sign of impending labor... no contractions yet but I’m on high alert for my water breaking. 😝💦

  18. DillonLion

    GOLD / eggplant / 11517 posts

    @starlitsky: it was 160 and then 158 at the re check at the doc. Bottom number is always normal/low

    Everything at home is always under 120

  19. cyoung

    apricot / 469 posts

    Well looks like I'll be having my baby in July!! I have an induction scheduled for the 30th so odds are my 3rd baby be here that day or the 31st!! I'm originally due on August 3rd. I'll be over here I guess Haha I'm so happy and excited. Only 12 more days if she doesn't come earlier (which I doubt)

  20. LadyDi

    persimmon / 1322 posts

    @cyoung: well congratulations! It’s exciting to know the date! There’s only a few of us here and most of us ended up having June babies lol

  21. DillonLion

    GOLD / eggplant / 11517 posts

    @cyoung: same, ha! C section is scheduled for 7/25

  22. starlitsky

    clementine / 795 posts

    @cyoung: welcome!! I had my baby in early July, so far I think I’m the only one this month! (until you and @DillonLion)

  23. cyoung

    apricot / 469 posts

    @starlitsky: did you end up going to labor soon.

    I've been loosing a lot of plug all morning. I also keep have an upset stomach. My body keeps teasing me I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow

  24. starlitsky

    clementine / 795 posts

    @cyoung: I ended up making it to my induction date at 40+1, but I had lost my mucus plug a few days before and I was dilated to 3-4 cm when I went in, and also already having mild contractions. I just needed a little pitocin to get me going.

    Good luck, sounds like baby may be coming soon! 👶

  25. cyoung

    apricot / 469 posts

    @starlitsky: we will see. Nothing else is happening so who knows. Some days I feel like "there is no way I'll make it to 39 weeks" and then days like today I feel like I could go another 2 weeks if I wasn't getting an induction.

  26. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3192 posts

    @DillonLion: @cyoung: welcome!

    @cyoung: I felt like there was no way I’d make it to my due date... and I didn’t! My water broke at 37+3 and my babe was born at 37+4. My other two kiddos were born at 39 weeks and 40+1 so I was really surprised she came so much earlier (and was not at all prepared, no hospital bag packed etc).


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