June 2014 mamas-to-be roll call!

EDD: June 1

When Did You Find Out?: not sure, I don't chart

Child Number: #2

Where You Live: Texas

What kind of provider will you see?: OBGYN

When's Your First Appointment?: October 21

What kind of birth do you want?: My first baby was born via emergency c-section, so my ideal birth would be anything calmer than that. I'm still weighing my options between trying for a VBAC and scheduling a c-section. Anything that results in a healthy baby and healthy mama works for me, though.

What You're Most Excited For: Right now, I'm really looking forward to the ultrasound I'll get at my first OB appointment - this pregnancy hasn't sunk in completely yet, and hearing the heartbeat for the first time is so awesome.

What You're Most Scared About: the transition from 1 kiddo to 2

Symptoms so far: a little bit of nausea right after eating, but so far, nothing big

Share a picture of your bfp, announcement, &/or chart: none here, but share yours if you'd like

I can't wait to meet the other Junebug mamas!