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May 2018 POAS

  1. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3068 posts

    @Kaohinani: I hope this is it for you!

  2. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3068 posts

    I gave in this morning and tested, and bfn. I’m only 10 dpo, but I’m not holding out hope for a later Bfp. I’m bummed, really got my hopes up this time. Oh well, on to next month!

  3. Kaohinani

    nectarine / 2056 posts

    @LAZB: Thank you! I hope so as well. I'm so sorry to read about your BFN. Who knows, maybe, it may turn BFP.

  4. MilPA

    coffee bean / 37 posts

    Ok so I’m new to all this OPK business... I bought some wondfos on amazon and this was my test tonight on a 2 hour hold. Cycle day 10.

  5. lilyofthewest

    pear / 1609 posts

    @MilPA: That's very positive! You should ovulate sometime within 48 hours after your first positive test. If you weren't testing prior to this, it's hard to say if you might've had a positive yesterday/earlier today.

  6. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3068 posts

    @MilPA: definitely positive!

  7. MilPA

    coffee bean / 37 posts

    @LAZB, @lilyofthewest: thanks, I tested yesterday and it was definitely lighter than this one. I’ll keep tracking the next few days then too!

  8. Sams Mom

    GOLD / nectarine / 2517 posts

    Well, I'm a day late and really confused. My peeps has only been late twice since trying and I was under massive amounts of stress at the time... Which I'm not this month, I'm actually the calmest I've been in a while. 🤷‍♀️

  9. Kaohinani

    nectarine / 2056 posts

    @Sams Mom: * fingers crossed *

  10. Kaohinani

    nectarine / 2056 posts

    Can anyone tell me when the side effects of Clomid kick in? Today is pill 4 (of cycle 1 on it) and I only have noticed that I feel "warm" (not quite a hot flush/flash) and get occasional headaches. I can't complain too much at this point. I do keep warning the hubby about the chance I'll turn moody on him but he [now] thinks it's a joke. 🙄😒 Don't most of the effects take place at ovulation and during the 2WW? 😬. Thanks in advance for any responses.
    (* New testing date for BFP should be the 31st! 😁)

  11. Sams Mom

    GOLD / nectarine / 2517 posts

    @Kaohinani: I started this morning

    As to the Clomid effects, mine weren't so bad the first round. I mainly had the side effects while I was on the meds, but the 3-4 days leading up to O was painful at times because you felt like your ovaries had been replaced with pissed off pufferfish.

    The subsequent cycles I had some intense mood swings, got a little ragey, and had some of the worst hot flashes! Hopefully you're one of the lucky ones that doesn't have all the bad side effects though!

  12. Kaohinani

    nectarine / 2056 posts

    @Sams Mom: I'm so sorry AF started . Thank you for answering my question. I'm hoping my cycle on Clomid stays mild. I keep reading horror stories about Clomid effects on some women 😱🤒 and I feel so bad for them! I [honestly] should just stop reading on it and should accept my experience is going to be unique to me and I won't know what's going to happen until it does ... It is just that whole damn locus of control thing 😛. Anyway, thank you again. Hoping the 31st will bring good news!

  13. Spinny

    cherry / 105 posts

    @Kaohinani: My first cycle on clomid wasn't so bad. The last 2 cycles I was more emotional, similar to my PMS symptoms but totally manageable. Good luck!

  14. Kaohinani

    nectarine / 2056 posts

    @Spinny: Thank you! That is so reassuring to read! 😃

  15. Spinny

    cherry / 105 posts

    I'm out

  16. Raspberry

    kiwi / 564 posts

    @Spinny: Sorry.

  17. Kaohinani

    nectarine / 2056 posts

    @Spinny: I'm sorry. 😖. It's so frustrating!

  18. Sams Mom

    GOLD / nectarine / 2517 posts

    @Spinny: aww, I'm sorry!

  19. lilyofthewest

    pear / 1609 posts

    Waiting with no pants for first visit. Hoping this one is good.

  20. Sams Mom

    GOLD / nectarine / 2517 posts

    @lilyofthewest: that's the worst part! Hanging out in a room without your pants. Every month on Clomid I have to have a pelvic exam and I tell my doctor I can't wait until I get to keep my pants on when I see him.

  21. Kaohinani

    nectarine / 2056 posts

    @lilyofthewest: Ah, pantless in the Dr's office hoping for good news. 😵 (I'm familiar with this! Lol 😂) It is at that moment when you are both the most vulnerable and the most filled with hope for positive news! (Bad news with no pants is the worst!). Wishing you the BEST!

  22. lilyofthewest

    pear / 1609 posts

    Beta and progesterone drawn. Scripts for progesterone and 81mg aspirin. Today's beta will determine whether I go back for another beta or a sono on Monday.

  23. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3068 posts

    @lilyofthewest: good luck!!!

  24. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3068 posts

    How long after stopping progesterone do you usually get af? I didn’t take any last night, and am 14 dpo, so I’m thinking in a day or two? I am hoping this pushes back my next period a few days because otherwise I’d be due to get it the first day we are in Vegas for my birthday trip, and if I’m not pregnant that would be horrible timing.

  25. crazydoglady

    persimmon / 1397 posts

    @lilyofthewest: Fingers crossed for great numbers!

  26. Sams Mom

    GOLD / nectarine / 2517 posts

    Totally not POAS related for this month, but my job might have an agreement worked out with this new investor by sometime next week! So I won't have to take months of TTC off after all this time because of job security! And we sold an extra property that allows us to reduce all of our debt but our mortgage and 1 vehicle payment that only has 4 years left on it! I am soooooo freaking happy!

  27. thepicklemonster

    cherry / 242 posts

    I just spontaneously POAS and I think it’s a BFP. This was my first month trying for baby #2 and I wasn’t sure of my exact O date. I have no symptoms and can’t believe this is happening! DS is 19 mos. AHHHHH

  28. Sams Mom

    GOLD / nectarine / 2517 posts

    @thepicklemonster: That is definitely a !!! Congratulations!

  29. Sams Mom

    GOLD / nectarine / 2517 posts

    POAS dates:

    Lily of the West: 5/1
    Kaohinani: 5/1
    MsHangry: 5/1
    Sam's Mom: 5/4
    Raspberry: 5/4
    FaithLove224: 5/5
    Spinny: 5/7
    AFC061018: 5/11
    LBARN: 5/11
    LAZB: 5/12ish?
    Shantuck: 5/15
    MilPA: 5/22 ish
    DrPepper: 5/25
    Labrador Lover 5/28
    MDF106: 5/29
    Kaohinani: 5/31 ish

    Best of luck to everyone!

    Lily of the West Raspberry faithlove224 thepicklemonster

  30. Kaohinani

    nectarine / 2056 posts

    @Sams Mom: Congratulations on ALL of that AWESOME news!!! 😁. I'm so happy for you!

  31. Kaohinani

    nectarine / 2056 posts

    @thepicklemonster: Congrats! 👏🌌🎈🎉🎊. You are a lucky lady!

  32. crazydoglady

    persimmon / 1397 posts

    @LAZB: For me, it was 2 days

  33. mdf106

    kiwi / 749 posts

    @Sams Mom: That is too bad about your period, but good news about your job.

    @Spinny: That is too bad.

    @thepicklemonster: Congratulations!

  34. Raspberry

    kiwi / 564 posts

    @Sams Mom: Wow, so much awesome news! Glad to hear you can keep trying.

    @thepicklemonster: Congratulations!

  35. Kaohinani

    nectarine / 2056 posts

    Looking for ladies in the know (especially @Sams Mom, @Spinny) - Has anyone been on Clomid and noticed it makes you ovulate later? 🙄 I'm in New territory here. Lol. I have short cycles and usually OV on either DAY 11 or 12; however this cycle, having begun Clomid (5-9), my LH levels are between 1.0 and 2.5, test low on CBED and I am temping erratically (between 97.30 and 97.87) but still haven't ovulated. 🤔 I'm quite perplexed. I know Clomid can also cause anovulatory cycles in some cases. 🙁 I called the OBGYN and he said he isn't going to scan or give me a trigger because I ovulate naturally but "need a boost." What is going on this cycle? Won't it change my POAS date if my OV is delayed?

  36. Sams Mom

    GOLD / nectarine / 2517 posts

    @Kaohinani: absolutely! I used to ovulate on CD 12 and Clomid delayed it by 2 days every month. It's making you "a better quality egg" by blocking hormone receptors so you're body makes more than usual. Totally normal to delay ovulation!

  37. Sams Mom

    GOLD / nectarine / 2517 posts

    @Kaohinani: it will delay your POAS date because your luteal phase will be delayed by however many days later you ovulate.

  38. Kaohinani

    nectarine / 2056 posts

    @Sams Mom: That is what I thought but I wanted some sound advice from a seasoned Clomid vet. 😉. I would (normally) be due to POAS on 29 May but the OBGYN told me to figure around the 31st. I asked him about the possibility of Clomid delaying my cycle but he told me it, generally, does not, although, there is a minute chance it can result in an anovulatory cycle for some women. Thank you so much! I feel so much better! 😀 Also, if I don't speak with [write with] you tomorrow - Happy Mother's Day! 💐🎁

  39. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3068 posts

    AF just arrived with some major cramps, happy mother's day to me!

  40. Raspberry

    kiwi / 564 posts

    @LAZB: That really sucks. Sorry.

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