This has never really happened to me before. I was at the grocery store unloading groceries into the back of my car. I had pulled through the spot so I couldn't get the cart behind my car, I left it along the side of my car with my 8 month old sitting in it. I guess the optics of it wasn't great and you aren't supposed to leave a child unattended but he's completely immobile. There was a 0% chance that he would choose these 45 seconds to figure out how to wiggle out of the strap and hoist himself over the edge of the cart. Anyway, as I was grabbing the bags and old man approached me and said "that's very dangerous." I was a little taken aback and just asked what he was talking about. He proceeded to tell me that children can climb and my baby could fall out of the cart. I said no, he couldn't and I didn't need his parenting advice. As I walked away he put his groceries in his car and turned back around to me and said that I obviously did need his advice because I was irresponsible and putting my child in danger. I was pretty livid so I just told him again that I didn't need his advice and he stormed away from me and left. Then I got into my car and cried.

It's made me upset ever since! Have you ever been shamed in public? It was humiliating and degrading. It made it worse that he didn't approach me with some "friendly advice" he basically came at me pointing a finger and admonishing me in public.