My older DD (8yo) has anxiety and is currently in treatment (medication and therapy). It's been a tough couple weeks. We had a learning evaluation done and are waiting for the report. To summarize the post-eval call, there do not appear to be any learning disorders at the root of some specific school problems we're trying to figure out. Managing her anxiety better will help the school issues, and until then there's not much she can help us with through her services. She also strongly suggested that we begin the process to get accommodations for school next year and that we should look at continuing a small-setting private school vs. entering the public school system next year like we planned. Another suggestion was to talk with her therapist about increasing the frequency of her sessions, and she kept saying she thinks there may be "something else" going on vs. generalized anxiety but I couldn't get anything specific from her on the phone.

Well, DH and I are feeling really REALLY alone and sad right now. We are trying our best but I have no idea how to navigate this and we don't have anyone we know who has been there that we can talk to about it either. I keep coming back to the evaluator's comments about "something else" and find myself worrying about what that means. She's backlogged so it'll be about 3 weeks until we get the report.

I scheduled a call to check-in with her therapist Wednesday ahead of her Thursday session (we discussed the eval prior to it). I'll ask her about increasing her sessions and trying to add a family session monthly - these were pushing us backwards when we tried at the start.

Does anyone have advice about support for us as parents while we navigate all this? Groups, websites, instagram accounts? We don't have any IRL friends whose kids have been through this, and no experience inside our families. Google has been less than helpful. Thanks for listening