So, I need advice. My son will be 3 on August 24. He's in daycare and needs to be potty trained to move to the 3 year old class and he's not PT yet. He is the oldest and biggest in his 2 year old class, he's very verbal and pretty smart (I think) and I think he'd do better and would be happier in the 3 year old room (right now there are a bunch of just turned 2's in his class and he's soooo far ahead of them).

BUT he has to be potty trained, ideally by his birthday so he can move up (they basically said he can move up as soon as he is PT). If daycare wasn't an issue, I would absolutely not push the potty training - I am not interested in pushing it until he's ready on his own. But I have to try because of daycare.

He is extremely strong-willed, smart, and very much into trying to control things/push boundaries right now (I also have a 6 week old baby!). He does pee on the potty at daycare sometimes and knows what to do, but REFUSES to sit on the potty at home. Like if I mention the potty he screams NO! and I haven't pushed. I tried to get him to pick out underwear and he flipped out. But I know that he knows how to pee on the potty - he can do it, he just doesn't *want* to.

I really don't want this to turn into a huge power struggle and a negative experience for him... but I think he can probably do it with a little push. My mom is going to be here this weekend and we're planning to start Saturday, just change him out of his overnight diaper into undies even if he protests and just take him to the potty/let him play outside in his undies. And if necessary, reward peeing on the potty with a fruit snack or M&M? He will still be in diapers for nap/night since he's wet at those times.

Any other tips or suggestions? Daycare will let him stay in the 2yo room until he's PT but I think it would be better for him to move up. I really really really dread potty training