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  1. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1453 posts

    @IRunForFun: I've got some mild nausea and food aversions already, and since I haven't even missed my period yet, I'm betting it's only going to get worse in the coming weeks On the plus side, I seem to have lost the few extra pounds I put on during the holidays...

  2. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1453 posts

    Thought I'd start this since we're now on page 2 Let me know if you see anything wrong or I missed anyone....

    September 2019 Mamas

    Sep 2: IRunForFun (#2) - 6w4d
    Sep 4: Jellyfish (#2) - 6w2d
    Sep 4: BananasAreYellow (#3) - 6w2d
    Sep 4: MamaJ (#2) - 6w2d
    Sep 4: DanaH725 (#1) - 6w2d
    Sep 7: youboots (#2) - 5w6d
    Sep 10: SouthernGothamCityMama (#3) - 5w3d
    Sep 25: JennyPenny (#3) - 3w2d

  3. IRunForFun

    pomelo / 5397 posts

    @JennyPenny: Thanks for doing this! I think Mrs Hedgehog is an August mama now!

  4. Jellyfish

    apricot / 297 posts

    Hi ladies, first off congratulations to everyone! I have been following along but afraid to actually post for fear of jinxing my . I have a 5 yo DS and been trying to conceive #2 for years. After a chemical pregnancy, failed IUIs, I finally did a last ditch IVF in December and was shocked to find out it worked! I'm currently feeling cautiously optimistic but I turn 40 in a few weeks and know it's still sooo early.

    • Where are you located?: NJ
    • EDD: 9/4/2019
    • How far along are you?: 6w2d
    • Is this your 1st child?: have a 5 yo DS
    • When is your 1st doctor appointment?: being followed by RE until 8 weeks
    • Any symptoms so far?: nausea, fatigue
    • Who have you told?: only husband knows

  5. JennyPenny

    persimmon / 1453 posts

    @IRunForFun: Thanks, updated

    @Jellyfish: Congratulations! I'm sorry it was such a hard road to get here, but hoping this is a sticky pregnancy for you

  6. IRunForFun

    pomelo / 5397 posts

    @Jellyfish: Welcome and congrats!! Fingers crossed for a nice healthy pregnancy.

  7. youboots

    honeydew / 7473 posts

    @Jellyfish: congratulations! Exciting!

  8. IRunForFun

    pomelo / 5397 posts

    @bananasareyellow: Is today your scan? Let us know how it goes!!

  9. bananasareyellow

    cherry / 123 posts

    @IRunForFun: It was and it went well! Little blob measured 7 weeks for an updated EDD of September 2nd. September 2nd is Labor Day (in the USA) which seems so appropriate.

  10. IRunForFun

    pomelo / 5397 posts

    @bananasareyellow: Yay! That's great!!

    My EDD is Sept 2, at least until I get a dating scan. So exciting!

  11. youboots

    honeydew / 7473 posts

    You guys. My chest is so swollen and painful. It’s awful. I do not remember this last time.

  12. IRunForFun

    pomelo / 5397 posts

    @youboots: OMG me too. I do remember it from last time but I thought it subsided after a week or two. Now it seems like they're just getting worse by the day!

  13. MamaJ

    pear / 1601 posts

    Unfortunately I miscarried last weekend 😭 but I will be cheering on for all of you for easy pregnancies ☺

  14. SouthernGothamCityMama

    apple seed / 3 posts

    @MamaJ: I’m so sorry to read this. Be extra kind to yourself. Thinking of you.

  15. SouthernGothamCityMama

    apple seed / 3 posts

    I’m 6 weeks today. Still a bit nervous as it’s so early but starting to maybe feel a bit pregnant—had some waves of nausea this morning. Work is extra crazy right now (and will be for at least the next three months) and the working mama to two toddlers gig is already exhausting so it’s hard to tell if I’m pregnant-tired or just normal-tired.

    My app told me baby is a blueberry this morning and somehow that seemed bigger earlier than I expected. I feel like at least with my first pregnancy baby was a speck of pepper forever.

    My first doctors appt is Jan 25th. Perhaps it will feel more real at that point. I’m dying to tell my nanny (because she is going to be over the moon excited) but have decided to wait until after that appt.

    Otherwise I’ve now told a few best friends. Bc third baby. And we’ve all been through pregnancies together before. And if something went wrong, I decided I’d want them to know. I have one close friend though who I haven’t told bc I know she’s been trying for her 2nd for over a year and had miscarriages. I just keep hoping that she’ll have good news to share with me before I have to tell her about this baby number three.

    Hope everyone’s feeling good!


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