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Summer 2012 Due Date Thread

  1. MrsMo

    pea / 20 posts

    @krsmall: We welcomed little Audrey Anne on 7-16. 6lb 9oz, 19 3/4 in and totally beautiful!

  2. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @MrsMo: Yea congratulations!!!

  3. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    Here is a photo I took today. I'm hoping for a better photo shoot tomorrow. I unfortunately waited and did not take advantage of Brennan's alert time and waited until grumpy time to play photographer.

  4. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    My photo editing skills are lacking, sorry for the upload.

  5. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25469 posts

    @krsmall: squeeeee!!! He is just precious!

  6. mrs. wagon

    blogger / watermelon / 14214 posts

    How is everyone doing?? I have been choosing sleep and Olympics over hellobee so I have not been around. Loving the delicious newborn pics!!

  7. marley

    kiwi / 706 posts

    @mrs. wagon: I've been watching the Olympics nonstop also! I'm 37w 4d and feeling nervous! At my last appointment 5 days ago I was 1cm dilated and 70% effaced. But I've been told this means nothing.

  8. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @marley : exciting!! You are getting close!

    I've been loving the Olympics! I'm definitely Team Lochte. DH laughs at me whenever I say how attractive Lochte is. Hahaha

  9. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @mediagirl: thank you!!

    We should all post pictures of our LOs (if we have had them)

  10. HLK208

    pineapple / 12234 posts

    @krsmall: SO cute!! Love the PB kids chair too! Wow, he looks so tiny--I know he was early but I don't think Elly has ever looked that small (she's now 7 weeks) how much does he weigh now?

  11. mrs. wagon

    blogger / watermelon / 14214 posts

    @marley: ooh, you're so close!! Is this your first? If so, any progress is good! I am had zero progress all the way up to when I went into labor!!

    Here's a peek at my sweet Josephine...

  12. mrs. wagon

    blogger / watermelon / 14214 posts

    Aw boo it didn't work on my phone.

  13. marley

    kiwi / 706 posts

    @mrs. wagon: yes, this is my first!

  14. lovehoneybee

    GOLD / wonderful pea / 17697 posts

    38w2d and so ready to not pregnant anymore. I'm extremely uncomfortable no matter what I'm doing, and I've developed a fun new thing where I start crying for no reason. Never had any problems with hormonal mood swings at all the whole rest of the pregnancy (or pre-pregnancy, at that).

    At my Friday appointment I was 2cm dilated and 75% effaced. I've logged a lot of time bouncing and rolling on the yoga ball, and DH and I have been walking at night.

  15. HabesBabe

    grapefruit / 4400 posts

    Aw, some of you gals are almost there! Such an exciting time

    I just bought a Moby wrap on craigslist today for $10,,, I don't think she likes it much, plus it's so hot that it's not really comfy for either one of us.

    Here's a random pic of her!

  16. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @HeatherlovesKenny: thank you!! DH loves that chair and insisted on it for the nursery... I love pottery barn kids stuff, so
    Cute!! we have his 2 month appt tuesday so we'll know for sure then but I'm guessing he's near 10 pds... He's a little guy but growing like crazy!

    @FutureMrsMcK: Hormones... Aghhh... Hopefully you are close to welcoming your LO! Have you had hot weather in your area? Hopefully you have been able to stay inside, this has been such a hot summer!

    @HabesBabe: Adorable pic!! We have a moby wrap too and haven't used it because it's been so hot and I'm afraiD he'll get overheated in it

  17. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    @FutureMrsMcK: I know exactly what you mean about the emotions. I started crying at my 38 week appointment on Friday just because the nurse asked me if I was doing okay and if I was getting excited. Ugh. Then my OB came in and gave me the 3rd degree about making sure I was okay. So embarrassing. Thankfully it hasn't happened since but I feel like I could cry at any second.
    @krsmall: He's adorable! Love the diaper cover

  18. mrs. wagon

    blogger / watermelon / 14214 posts

    ok FINALLY posting from my laptop so here are some promised pics of my sweet Jodie!!

  19. lavender

    grapefruit / 4542 posts

    @mrs. wagon: wow what a cutie! and the hair!

  20. lovehoneybee

    GOLD / wonderful pea / 17697 posts

    @HabesBabe: Hi cutie!

    @krsmall: It's been pretty miserable/okay up here. It'll be in the upper 90s with heat indexes around 115 for a few days, and then it'll storm and cool down for a couple of days. The constant up and down has been giving me bad headaches, lol.

    @Orvis18: Yesterday I started sobbing for what I thought was no reason at all. DH was cuddling with me, and finally I choked out "I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm so....scared!" (10 points if you know the reference!)

    @mrs. wagon: Oh my that hair! I love it! I'm anticipating McBebe being bald, but I really really hope that he or she pops out with awesomely spiky hair.

  21. mrs. wagon

    blogger / watermelon / 14214 posts

    @crash806: @FutureMrsMcK: hehe thanks! She was born with Twiggy's hair style. She belongs in the 60s, apparently.

  22. HabesBabe

    grapefruit / 4400 posts

    @mrs. wagon: OMG look at that hair!! what a cutie

    @FutureMrsMcK: jessie spano, SBTB. holllaaaaaaa. sorry you've been having a tough time with the hot-ass weather and emotions! you're almost there!

  23. lovehoneybee

    GOLD / wonderful pea / 17697 posts

    @HabesBabe: Ha, DH cracked up when I said it, even though I was still crying (jerk--okay, maybe not, him laughing about it made me giggle too Then he posted the clip on FB and said (with my permission) that this was how I was feeling about the baby coming right now.

    I'm trying to remind myself that I'll have my baby in less than 3 weeks (hopefully less than 2) but even that feels SOOOO FARRR AWWAAAYYY!

  24. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    @FutureMrsMcK: Love that clip! That was definitely one of my favorite shows
    @mrs. wagon: She is just darling! I love the name too!

  25. HLK208

    pineapple / 12234 posts

    @HabesBabe: So sweet!!

    @mrs. wagon: Look at that hair!! So cute!

  26. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @mrs. wagon: Adorable pics!!!

    How is everyone doing?

    We took Brennan for his 2 month appointment, he is up to 9 lbs and 7.5 ozs. He ended up being 5th percentile for height and weight and 10 percentile for head. I was bummed for the low percentages but the pediatrician said he was perfectly proportioned and growing great. He's actually gaining a little less than 2 ounces a day, so hopefully at his next appt his percentiles will be higher.

  27. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @FutureMrsMcK: Yea, you are so close!!!

  28. marley

    kiwi / 706 posts

    I lost my MP last night. I guess it could be soon! Or not?

  29. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @marley: Yea!! That's very exciting!!

  30. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    @marley: exciting! I hope it means things are happening! I thought I lost mine last week but so far nothing has happened so who knows

    Sitting at 39+5 over here and feeling like I'm going to be pregnant forever!! No progress in cervix/dilation this week and we've already had the induction discussion. Hoping it doesn't get to that point but so ready to meet our little guy!

  31. marley

    kiwi / 706 posts

    @Orvis18: don't you wish that these things were a little more predictable? I'm 38w 3d right now, no progress at my 38w checkup but she went from a -3 to a -2 station.

    I hope it will happen for you soon! Keep us posted!

  32. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    @marley: I wish I hadn't asked him to check me. T least then I wouldn't know and wouldn't e dissapointed. I know it doesn't mean mean much as labor could happen anytime but yeah, I wish it were a little more predictive.

  33. HabesBabe

    grapefruit / 4400 posts

    @marley: AHHHH progress! keep us posted!

  34. lovehoneybee

    GOLD / wonderful pea / 17697 posts

    At my 39 week appt on Friday my cervix was a "loose 2-3cm, fully effaced, and very soft" and my midwife said now all I need is wait for contractions to start, or my water to break. She also stripped my membranes, and although it didn't jump start labor like we'd hoped, I definitely started losing my mucus plug on Saturday night (with the biggest piece being lost this morning).

    I've been having regular contractions since at least 6am. They haven't started getting any closer together though, staying stubbornly at 12-15 minutes apart, but it's better than nothing. They've been getting slightly more intense, mostly around my back, which makes me really really nervous that I'm going to have really bad back labor.

    Hopefully they start getting closer together and don't peter out. My midwife told us that she thinks I'll go into labor on my own before my due date, but if I make it to my 40 week appt on Friday (which is my due date), we'll start talking about induction, because I'm feeling A LOT of tearing pain in my sides every time I move.

    If that's where the conversation is, I'm going to ask to be induced ASAP, like Friday or Saturday, mostly because of the pain, but also because DH only gets 3 days of paid paternity leave, and we'd like to try stack them onto a weekend so he gets as much time as possible with McBebe.

    Here's hoping we get to meet McBebe in the next day or two (and FINALLY find out if we have a son or daughter!)

  35. marley

    kiwi / 706 posts

    @FutureMrsMcK: Sounds like it'll happen soon! So exciting! Keep us posted!!

  36. matador84

    papaya / 10560 posts

    I have been dying sweating running around today. 36 week doctor appointment, got to see baby (around 6 lbs 8 oz), went over to hospital to pre-register, went in to work for a little bit, and just got done meeting pediatrician! I am zapped!

  37. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @FutureMrsMcK: sounds like you will be meeting your LO soon!!

  38. marley

    kiwi / 706 posts

    Just got back from my OB visit at 39w1d. She said the baby is low but since she's still high up, she's guessing that she's a big baby, at least for me because im only 5'1"? So she stripped my membranes. Ouch! It was pretty awful and I'm usually a trooper.

  39. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    How is everyone doing? Has everyone had their summer babies??

  40. marley

    kiwi / 706 posts

    @krsmall: baby Marley arrived last Tuesday! I went through 22 hours of labor and them a c-section.

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