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Summer 2012 Due Date Thread

  1. lovehoneybee

    GOLD / wonderful pea / 17697 posts

    Evan Charles arrived on August 8th at 1:31pm weighing in at 8lb, 12oz and 20in long. The day we left the hospital he weighed 8lb, 5oz. His first well-baby appt at 5 days old he was 8lb, 9oz, his second, today, at 12 days old he was 9lb, 3oz. I have a serious little eater!

    It was a rough labor and delivery (back labor + two failed epidurals + a massive post-partum hemmhorage), but he's here and is as healthy as a horse. Dave and I are completely enamored with him.

  2. mrs. wagon

    blogger / watermelon / 14214 posts

    @FutureMrsMcK: what a HANDSOME boy!!! Seriously, even as a newborn you can tell he's going to be super handsome. congratulations!!!

  3. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @FutureMrsMcK: adorable!!

  4. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @marley: congratulations!!


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