(I'm sure this has been addressed but I couldn't find anything recent)

Has anyone gone back to TTC post-miscarriage before their first period? My OB recommended waiting 2-3 months but when I pressed her about it admitted it was mostly for dating a new pregnancy and for the emotional aspect. We really don't want to wait unless there's a solid scientific/medical reason. Any insights/experience?

Backstory: We lost our 2nd pregnancy last week at 7.5 weeks. We are sad but mainly just want to be pregnant again. The day after the miscarriage started, my HCG was 1574 and measured 347 only 48 hours later. I have a follow-up exam in another 2 weeks and they want me to test to zero.

Will I even ovulate before HCG returns to zero? I'm guessing OPKs won't be very reliable...