I could have sworn it stuck this time.

My boobs really swelled up and were incredibly more sore than they've been before. I had spotting and fatigue.

I also hadn't gone running in years and had plans to get back on the treadmill. I ran a mile one day, 1.5 the next, and two miles a couple days later.

After the two mile run I stripped down to take a shower and saw red mixed with my running sweat on my underwear. I hoped it was just implantation bleeding. After my shower I put in a super tampon and soaked it in less than six hours. Soaked through another super in the next six hours. Looks like a period to me, damn. I wasn't expecting my period for another three days.

Could my running have jeopardized getting a sticky baby this time? I swear I thought I was pregnant and I was just going to wait a few more days before testing...

Damn damn damn.