So twice a year (birthday and christmas), I am torn, stressed at gifting for this very very good friend of mine.
Even so much that I told her that I would not give her anything for her birthday so that I would not expect anything. Somehow she didn't hear me and got me a $50 gift card to a spa.
Last year for Christmas, I did a mix of kneipp products and I gave her a hydroflask bottle (because I always wanted one but think it's too expensive but thought she would really appreciate it). And this was the gift she liked the most. She still talks about this water bottle.
So this year, I am thinking... what can I give her?
I just brought her a box of sees candies (toffee-ettes) because it's a tradition for all my friends.
But what else can I gift her?
--- No other food items. She gets too many candies/cookies
--- do you think Bombas socks are really that great and if yes (which style do people like? I am not a big fan of the big Bombas on the toes.... but if they are really comfy... I could gift that?
--- a stitch fix subscription? one or 2 months?
--- any other subscription apart from that (no makeup...)
Budget: under $100.

Thanks for reading my ramblings...