Has a kid ever hurt your feelings? Your own children or children you work with.
Man, it sucks.
In my career I have worked with all ages but right now I'm working with adolescents. And they can be brutal. Normally it doesn't faze me. I have been known to say that if you care what a 12 year old thinks of you then you have a problem. I guess I have a problem because, man, it kicked my ass today. It's the age old grown-up complaint: I was trying to do something fun and nice for them (spent my own money) and they acted like total buttheads. One ended up w/ detention. Needless to say I was disheartened but I wasn't really hurt, I didn't take it personally.
So, at lunch I go out to my car and 5 or so students are huddled about and scatter when I approach and, lo and behold, my car is all keyed up. And while I know that angry would be a good response, mostly my feelings are hurt. What a bummer.

I know that kids just don't see/understand when we are trying hard and many honestly don't think we have feelings, and normally I can keep it in perspective. But not today.

So far my LO hasn't said anything that really hurts me, but I am pretty sure the day will come.

Has anyone else been hurt by the under 18 crowd?