DD (5 years old) is really shy and only really plays with a few kids in her class. One is this girl L. Yesterday her and L were sitting together but DD got up to get something. When she returned, another girl, B, sat in her spot. It was one of those comfy chairs that can fit 2 kids. DD wanted to sit with them but there was no room so DD sat on the floor. B and L told DD to "go away". They told her that she tries to hang around L too much and she should go away.

I was so sad hearing this story but I know it's part of growing up and being in school. I know all kids go through this (being left out, feelings hurt, etc.) but I want to give her the right tools on how to handle a situation like that. I told her that nobody should tell her to "go away". I told her if it happens again to tell them that is not a nice thing to say and it hurt her feelings. I also told her she should try playing with other friends in her class because I bet they would love to play with her (I know this is not easy for her to do because she's shy).

Anyway, for those with school-aged kids, how would you have handled it? I know things like this will happen more and more when she is in school. What do you tell your child to do when they feel left out or when other kids say mean things to them?