DH and I are traveling to LA with our 2 boys who will be 1.5 and almost 4 at the time we go. We're staying for 4 days. I've narrowed it down to 2 places but I can't pull the trigger.

Place A: 2 bedrooms - a queen in each plus a crib. Living room and bigger kitchen. But its in an apartment, not on the 1st floor so no easy access to outside. The crib is the extent of family-friendly features.

Place B: 1 bedroom with a queen. Living room has sort of a futon, and a crib. Small kitchenette and dining area. The owners (who live upstairs) are dads with twin 2 yr old boys so they mention having lots of gear and toys including high chair, outlet covers already in place, changing table etc. There's a little playhouse on the patio right outside.

Both are pretty convenient to public transit and seem to be in good neighborhoods. I've never been to LA but my guess is A is slightly more convenient to the things we want to do but B may have more close by restaurants and things. My gut had been B because of the kid-friendliness, and maybe getting good recommendations from the hosts that we hadn't considered. But then I wondered if we'll really be kicking ourselves to not have the 2nd bedroom where we can tuck the kids away and hang out at night.