We were staying at an Airbnb this week and my toddler bought a $20 movie on the host’s roku. We did not realize it at the time and figured that the kids had just found the movie on a subscription that the host already had. After our stay I got a message from the host asking for the $20.

My issue is why in the world would the host not password protect their roku?! On ours you have to put in a password to do anything that costs money. Plus, now they own the movie, we don’t even get to keep it!

I’m just irritated by the whole situation. If you were in this situation would you just pay the $20 or fight them on it since they should have it require a password?

*I also know that it’s ultimately our fault for not supervising the kids better while using the tv but they know how to use a roku remote and we were trying to pack up to leave. I just assumed that they wouldn’t have it so that random Airbnb people could buy stuff using their credit card!