Hey Bees, I need to check-in with you all and see if I'm right to be mad about this, or if I'm being a crazy person.

As a bit of background I am the only tax paralegal for a corporate law firm, my job is incredibly demanding and is considered by HR and the other paralegals to be the most work fathomable. The level of organization, knowledge of systems and precedents and general client knowledge required is extremely advanced. On top of this 2 of the 3 lawyers I work for are crazy people who scare everyone else.

I was put on bedrest on Monday because of my HG, syncopal episodes, SCH's, irritable uterus and potential pre-e. I came in on Tuesday however because the sheer anxiety of just throwing someone on my desk unprepared literally kept me up all night. I informed HR it was my intent to be there all day to train whatever poor float they were going to throw my way. The thanked me for the professional courtesy and gave me the one floater that my head lawyer HATES. She's messed up several large client transactions for us when she's covered for me when I've been sick in the past.

I grit my teeth and bore it though, and spent the day trying to get this woman to understand everything she'd need to know to be me. I was very supportive and told her she could call me anytime she had troubles, and that I'd rather she ask me a million questions than have the lawyers yell at her. I also warned her she was probably in for the long-haul because of how my firm/my desk works (here meaning my bedrest and maternity leave). She said she was excited to get another chance at my desk.

Well today my best girlfriend at work emails me and lets me know that after me busting my buns to get this woman ready, she quit today and is gone next week! This means I either have to go in on ANOTHER day of what is supposed to be complete bedrest to train someone else, or field screaming calls from my lawyers and HR about whatever clueless individual they put there. To be frank, I'm really angry at this woman as she clearly knew she was leaving when I was training her and knew that it was a personal sacrifice (I didn't even get paid for it!) to help her that I was making. Now I have to go in on the weekend and try to straighten out whatever she's left behind.

Would you be angry? Am I wrong to be angry about this? My husband told me to leave it alone because it's not "my problem" until I go back, but it is my problem if I'm going back to a nightmare or leaving my bosses to suffer for over a year.Ugggggh!