I would love some outside perspectives on my current situation at work. As context, I work as a fundraiser at a research/academic organization in a major city. Our fiscal year ends 6/30 and it's always a busy time of year.

We see my husband's father and stepmother infrequently in person (keep in touch via email and text) because of distance and his father's demanding schedule at work. They love our 2 kids (ages 1 and 3) though and invite us once a year to their beach house. This year they offered June 24-30, and my husband accepted after quickly checking with me, as this year in particular would be special since that time would also align with his brother's time with them following his college graduation (before he starts his "real" world job a week or two later).

I sent a request to my boss, intending to discuss with her later. Several busy weeks later, including a nightmare few where my son can't be off antibiotics without getting an ear infection, doesn't sleep, and gets tubes, and she announces she is leaving. We now have a former colleague who has been brought on to help us finish out our year with fundraising.

I'm not in a tricky situation, as this time with family is of great significance to my husband and in-laws, but am almost afraid to bring up the leave request since the end of year might be even busier with staff transitions. I'm not even sure who to bring it up to, but most of all, I'm not sure the best way to address it. I'm more than willing to work remotely, but feel like I need to arm myself with a "case" to whoever I need to talk to.

In a brief conversation with my husband, I did bring it up, but he works with a bigger team than the much leaner one that I do, so has more backup.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated! I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place, to say the least.