My 11 mo old has never been a big drinker--25 oz at peak! But in the last 2 weeks she's been "weaning" herself from her formula bottle and we are lucky if she gets 12-14 oz of fluid a day (aside from what's in food). She will drink water and will do a sippy cup but only as sipping. She will spit up if she overeats or drinks too much. She's 11 mo today and is SSTN, taking 2 naps, walking independently and seems happy! I weighed her at home and she's gained roughly 2.5 lbs since her 9 mo well check and she's taller than her 2 other 11 and 14 mo old playmates. Should I be concerned?? I do offer cheese and yogurt (not a huge fan of yogurt) and she eats 3 decent meals of all table food a day (a protein, fruit and veggie at almost every meal and occasionally a carb like toast or oatmeal).
Any advice or reassurance would be welcomed!! (Pic included as reference of her size and normal disposition)