We have been doing the EASY routine pretty much forever. His milk and food feedings are distinctly separate because he seems to sleep and behave better that way, getting calories in every 2 hours or so. Now that we're going to be transitioning to whole milk and sippies, and eventually one nap, I just can't wrap my head around him only getting "fed" 4ish times a day! What was your feeding / nap routine 12-18 months? I'm especially interested in the early versions of a 1-nap day. How many hours before nap, and after nap?

Here is his current schedule, which is working well:
7: Wake, milk
8:30 Breakfast
9:30: Nap
11: Wake, milk
12:30 Lunch
2:30: Nap
4: Milk and snack
6: Dinner
7:30: Milk
8: Bed

He is starting to not finish his bottles. Should I decrease the amount of ounces or is that a sign he is ready to do milk with meals, instead of spaced out?

Sorry if I sound crazy, LO & I thrive when we have a schedule / routine!