Very specific and it’s the weekend so I know it’s a long shot...

With my first we did 12x12 pretty easily because he took a paci and we could extend each feed by at least 30 mins every night. He’d wake, I’d pop the paci in, he’d sleep anywhere from another 30-60 minutes. We were able to get him sleeping 7-4/5am pretty easily that way and then dropped ounces and CIO to get rid of that last feed.

This baby is trickier! He won’t take a paci very often, he usually just spits it out or just won’t let us put it in. So extending him at night is way harder and I have minimal success doing it. I might be able to pick him up and rock him with a paci but I’m not sure that’s going to produce the results I want (meaning I don’t want to teach him that every time he cries at night I come in and rock him).

I would really like to just extinction CIO but I’m waiting for our 4 month appt for my doc to say it’s ok (per my other posts about his eating, which has improved dramatically🙌). So until then I’d like to do SOMETHING to get to more consistent, later and later wakeups. Right now he wakes only once, anywhere between 12-3 and the days it’s closer to 12, I feel pretty frustrated.