My 13 month old has been nursing when she wakes up and before bed, and will drink regular milk from a sippy cup during the day. However, she never asks to nurse, it's always me offering. She'll nurse for a few minutes on each side (at most) and then goes back to playing.

This morning my husband offered her a sippy cup of milk when she woke up and she seemed to not even care that she hadn't nursed. I've tried researching this but can't figure out if she's weaning herself (since she never asks to nurse) or if she's just too distracted to ask (since she will still eat when I offer).

My goal was to nurse for a year and then just see what happens but I think emotionally I'm having a harder time letting go than I thought I would and am clearly confused on if she's weaning herself or what's going on.

Any other mamas go through the same thing? Thank you for any help!!