So, my son is about to turn 2 and is about to move up from the "toddler" room at daycare (12-24m) to the two's room. He is bigger than the other kids in the toddler room, older, and pretty verbal. His teachers feel he is definitely ready. The 2yo teacher has been talking to him frequently on the playground, etc. so he knows who she is.

Yesterday they took him for a 30 minute "visit" to the 2yo room. It was a disaster. Apparently he played and he was ok for about 10 minutes, then realized he was in a strange place with strangers and started sobbing. They took him back to the toddler room.

Today, when my husband picked him up (a little early), his teacher suggested that he take him to the 2yo room to let him play and check it out with daddy there. Apparently my husband could not even get to opening the door to the 2yo room before LO was screaming and hysterical, yelling "home, home, home".

I am so sad he is going to have to go through this transition and be so upset. It seems like it is just as bad as when he started daycare! Ugh. Any tips? I guess I thought this would go more smoothly.