I'll be the first to admit, we are not really healthy eaters at my house. DH is a big snacker and I've never been particularly good at eating regularly. In fact, 3 of my friends told him his new job was to make me eat when we got married...

But DS has always been good about eating at daycare till this last month. Daycare has a standard meal plan with USDA and he's been just fine eating it till 2 weeks ago when he cried when they put chicken nuggets on his plate. And the next day he cried and refused meatballs.

Note that he has eaten these successfully at home since then. I was worried that maybe he had developed a new allergy (he is allergic to milk) so we took him in for more tests, but he's only allergic to milk still! Since then, he has been off and on with food at daycare. Some days he eats, some he doesn't.

What's wrong with my 3yo?