Sleep expert mamas, help me out! I’ve been letting this go with the holidays and am ready to do the training work but don’t know what to aim for!

#3 is 5m today and naps are just a mess. Part of the problem is that she has to go along with the big kid schedule and it tends to sabotage what might be more ideal. Here is what we have to work with. What nap times would you aim for??

6:30am - siblings get up and sometimes wake up her (so not sure if I should always wake her too?) Sometimes we can let her sleep until 7:30. On weekends if I let her she will wake up to eat but then go back to sleep way past this.

7:30-7:50ish - Car or stroller for elementary dropoff. Often falls asleep in car or stroller during any of these drop offs/pickups but doesn’t necessarily stay that way.

8:45-9:15ish - MWF, mandatory car time for preschool dropoff. I am ok with a car nap here if we can get at least one good nap at home later.

2:15-3:00ish - pickups in car on MW, other days this can be in stroller and shorter. On Friday I also have to take her in the car for noon preschool pickup.

After 3: Monday we go to an activity in the car at 4. Other days we often stay and play at elementary school, but I’d be willing to go straight home for a while if needed.

Bedtime: open to suggestions because now it’s inconsistent based on other naps

Hopefully someone is less confused about this than me! Thank you for any suggestions!