L is 7 months old and exclusively BF. He currently sleeps from 7:00p - 4:30a/feed/4:30a - 7:00a.

He has his last feeding of the day at 6:20pm ish.

I would like to be able to give him a bottle for his 6:20p feeding. So that I can have a little more freedom in the evenings if DH and I decide to go on a date or if I just want DH to do evening feed.

However, my kid refuuuuuses to take a bottle. I have been trying with formula, which he had much earlier in his life, and he acts like it's POISON.

Formula would be ideal, and I don't reaaally want to pump, but I guess if I have to I have to....

Can anyone give me tips on a. getting my kid to take a bottle and b. drinking formula?!

Thanks for any advice/help.