LO has refused her afternoon bottle at daycare for the last 2 days.
Today, daycare called and said she has refused her 9:30 and 12:30 bottles and they just tried again at 2:30 and she will not take the bottle. She's refusing fresh milk, thawed milk and her regular formula.

This is new, she's never refused bottles. In general, she's very easy going, good eater, good sleeper, hitting milestone's on target.

Last week she had a little bug (all better now) and I was with her Friday afternoon - Sunday and only breastfed her. She's not refusing when I breastfeed her in the morning or at night either. But we've typically just done breastfeeding on the weekends and no bottles.

At what point do you get concerned that they have no milk/liquid? Should I call the pediatrician? I'm not sure what they will really be able to offer?