...how long did it take for your cycles to regulate?

I started taking Loestrin 24 fe in February after spotting every day for about three months. It was supposed to regulate everything, and it did, I guess-- my bleeding stopped and I had 28-29 day cycles. I suppose I didn't do enough research, though, because I had no idea that my cycles would be so wonky after I quit!

I'm at the end (hopefully, please) of my second cycle off of BC. I'm currently on CD 36 and my last cycle lasted 43 days. I don't think I've ovulated since I went off the pill because my temps are all over the place, and I've had stretchy CM (not quite eggwhite?) all through my cycle.

I figured I'll wait at least four cycles (as I've heard it can take three to regulate) and then I'll see my Gyn. But ugh! I'm so impatient... I just want everything to fall into place.

Has it taken any of you a few months for everything to go back to normal after you stopped your BC?