Hi again everyone!
it seems like I live at the pediatricians office or am constantly writing to the board for help! if you read my last post LO was constipated for a few days and had hard stools which we thought might be the baby Zantac he was on but were told at pediatricians that it was most likely because of the switch from similac advanced to similac sensitive. So we switched back to advanced and stopped the Zantac. He finally went and went quite a few times, we also tried just a tiny bit of prune juice and water 1/2oz to 1/2oz. So happy he went but now we are dealing with a very gassy and fussy baby! he did great on the sensitive and no fussiness but he got constipated! like before the similac advanced makes him way more gassy which is why we tried the sensitive to begin with. it's such a catch 22 because I don't want him to be constipated but his fussiness is horrible too! what would you all do? Also, I think his reflux is acting up again so we gave him the Zantac again at 5am this morning since he screamed during his bottle. I really don't want to go back to the pediatricians again, they know me by name so embarrassing!
what formula did you all use and find to be good? I don't really like the powders because he doesn't really like the taste and all the mixing is too much (we do ready to feed even though it's more expensive it keeps us sane and he loves the taste)
any advice would be so appreciated!