My son is almost two. He was breastfed exclusively until 5.5 months and breastfed a lot until December and is now 2 times a day.

He got what we think was pink eye two Thursdays ago but it cleared up almost instantly with drops. He got fever and diarrhea on Monday. He was home all week with loose stool. The watery stool was done Tuesday. That was followed by two days of orange with red and black specks. This is now almost completely undigested food. We know he's has an intollerance to soy and we haven't had any.

We stopped eye drops Tuesday and since Thursday his eyes have been getting goopy. The doctor called and said that wasn't normal for pink eye but if its just after waking up it is normal. His eyes have never done this before.

I am starting to think it may be allergies. Anyone else experience toddler allergies or these symptoms?