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Am I crazy??

  1. Honeygold89

    nectarine / 2527 posts

    I see it Congrats mama

  2. tequiero21

    honeydew / 7968 posts

    Totally see it! Congrats again!

  3. Mrs.Panda

    nectarine / 2358 posts

    My DH said he couldn't see mine and needed "definitive" proof. I posted the pic on the POAS thread. That's when I came back with the digi. I'm telling you, it looks EXACTLY like mine did! Congrats!!

  4. theotherstark

    pomegranate / 3045 posts

    @Mrs.Panda: Thanks, lady Very reassuring. I was convinced I saw it, but when I showed my husband he didn't see it at first.

    Thanks so much, everyone!!! Ahh, keeping my fingers crossed that it sticks!

  5. Mrs.Lilac

    apricot / 348 posts

    how exciting!!!! woohoo you must be very happy. post a pic of your next one tomorrow (if you take one!)

  6. MrsB2012

    nectarine / 2466 posts

    totally see it!!

  7. Purpledaisy

    nectarine / 2973 posts

    I see it!!

  8. MrsStar

    nectarine / 2994 posts

    I see it! Congrats!!

  9. Crystal

    grapefruit / 4028 posts

    I see it! Test again tomorrow!

  10. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @theotherstark: Congrats!!!!

  11. mrs. 64

    nectarine / 2936 posts


  12. ChiCalGoBee

    nectarine / 2028 posts

    BFP! BFP! BFP!!!! FX this is your sticky baby! Any chance you have a November EDD? I'd looooove to have you on our November board:-D. Congrats!

  13. theotherstark

    pomegranate / 3045 posts

    @ChiCalGoBee: Thank you!! We're so excited, although feeling a little cautious. I actually have an EDD of December 4 (or 6), so I JUST missed November! Bummer!


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