Has anyone here taken Fenugreek? Did you take it alongside any other supplements (such as Blessed Thistle or...?) Did it work for you? Did you have any negative side effects? What dosage did you take? How much increase did you see, if any?

Have you ever tried power pumping? How often did you do this, and did you see any results? How quickly? Do you have any other pumping tricks? I'm using a Spectra S1 and can usually get 3 let downs/ 20 min session.

I'm pumping what my baby eats during the day, barely. Just back to work, just started making sure I'm drinking a ton of water (a gallon a day!) and I'm hoping my supply will naturally rise once I'm more used to this pumping schedule, but I'd like to help myself out if possible!

I want to try Fenugreek and whatever else usually accompanies it. I have had clogged ducts a time or two, but they don't last long and I've never had issues with mastitis.

I'm trying to power pump twice a day - once during my morning commute (right after I breastfeed my daughter - on the pump for 20 min, off 10, on 10, off 10, on 10) - and once around 1:00 p.m. (same schedule). Otherwise I'm pumping about 20 minutes once at 10 and once at 4. Home to feed my daughter by 6. I'm usually getting 12ish oz from the 4 pumping sessions, but again - I just started back at work so no idea if that pattern will hold.

Do you have any other advice? I don't have an endless freezer supply and I worked so hard to make it for emergencies! I'd like to be producing more than she's eating for my piece of mind.

Thanks ladies