I am having a planned c-section in October and I am experiencing so much anxiety about the situation. My 1st c-section was during my first pregnancy and was a semi-emergency when labor lasted too long (2 1/2 days and 2 1/2 hours of pushing) I got exhausted and then my son went into distress. It turns out in the end that he was stuck to the side, sunny side up, and had never properly engaged my cervix which was only half dilated. It was a scary and exhausting experience but at the end of it I was so grateful for medical intervention that potentially saved both of us and ended an ordeal I no longer felt like I had the energy to sustain that I never really stopped to consider how scary the whole thing was or how upset I felt about how things turned out. Now I am in the last trimester of my current pregnancy and am scheduled to undergo my second c-section soon. This time around, however, the ability to contemplate this upcoming event has brought up a lot of unresolved feelings about the last c-section along with a fair amount of fear about having such a major procedure again. Added to that, a huge portion of the reason we are doing a repeat c-section (in addition to my doctor not knowing if I have a big enough pelvis to deliver naturally) is that I have had several instances of my heart going into hours long, unexplained episodes of tachycardia during my pregnancy, which is a scary experience in and of itself. I have been to several doctors and been assured it is nothing life threatening causing these episodes but they make me feel so awful when they happen and they have been unable many times to calm them down that they just add to the level of anxiety I am feeling. So far I have succeeded in putting off my anxiety about the situation figuring that I needed to concentrate on what was in front of me instead of an event several months into the future but the closer it gets the harder time I am having ignoring it. Anyone else have anxiety about having a planned c-section? How did you deal with it? Would so appreciate any words of wisdom or tips anyone has to share. Also not finding much info on preparing for a planned c-section online or from my docs office so those are appreciated as well!