It has been quite a while since I have written a post posing an inquiry in regards to fertility/infertility. Here goes:

Has anyone (you, a friend, family member, neighbor, acquaintance, etc) ever had a laparoscopic procedure for cyst removal (cystectomy) in an ovary and/or the removal of endometriosis (mine was EXTREMELY mild - think stage 1) in the uterus and then went on to successfully become pregnant?

For those of you bees who aren't super familiar with my fertility story, here's some background:

(1) I had been identified as having unexplained secondary infertility (* I have 2 children who were both conceived naturally and both were born via csection) until my RE realized that I ovulate early (think CD 8-12, on average) which could have led to immature ova in past cycles.

(2) We have been trying 3-1/2 years for another baby. DH has "champion sperm" (or atleast that is what he touts after each SA! ๐Ÿคฃ) so, I know I am the "weak link."

(3) My AMH was spectacular for my age (39) until testing last month when it took a nose-dive. It fell by .43 ... by all standards, for my age, it is "decent" enough but is on the lower end of adequate.

(4) I have been on fertility meds (3 cycles Clomid and 2 cycles of Follistim with Ovidrel trigger). I easily over-stim (we are talking 20+ follicles) ... which could be a cause for the rapid decrease in AMH and the sudden onset of endo and cysts which are all hormonally induced.

(5) Next step is IVF; however, since I JUST had surgery [for the cyst and endo] 3 days ago (and DH will be gone for a month), the RE would like us to "simply try naturally" until I am approved by the embryology/IVF clinic.
THUS, why I posed the aforementioned query.

I really hope SOMEONE [anyone] has a story with a positive outcome which will afford me some hope.

Thank you in advance. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’•