I didn't even know people had melon allergies. Unfortunately my 10 1/2 month babygirl has a melon allergy We spent Thanksgiving with my parents and my mom gave her a banana pineapple honeydew juice drink right after she made it with the blender. The skin around her mouth was red right after she started having some (I spoonfed it to her) but she has eczema so I didn't really think anything of it, I just thought her eczema was flaring up around her mouth. After she finished, she was coughing a bit so I gave her water. An hour later her mouth was swollen and hot to the touch. I was freaking out and dh gave her childrens benadryl and we gave her a bath and it subsided. She didn't have any breathing problems but it was still really scary and awful, I felt so bad for her. She's had banana and pineapple plenty of times and never a problem but that was the first time she's had any type of melon so dh and I are going to take her to an allergist. For any of you with lo with melon allergy, did it ever go away as they got older?