I have seen people do this but I don't know anyone personally to ask how this works. We are taking a long ski weekend with our 2 kids and my sister/BIL and their 2 kids. Originally a grandparent was going to join us and be available to watch the kids at night, but had something come up and can't go anymore.

I am considering asking one of our sitters to come and help with the kids (meals, getting them geared up, that kind of stuff) and then watch them at night while we go out. I am trying to figure out how to even propose this. I'm pretty sure she does ski and the kids will all be in ski school during a couple of the days, so I thought about offering to pay for her lift tickets and/or other activities she might want to do during the day, plus all meals. But not sure if I also need to pay her on top of that? Or is the payment that she gets a free ski weekend in exchange for watching the kids? I don't want to offend her by not offering to pay for her time if that is what would be typical.

Would welcome any thoughts from people who have done this!! Thank you!